Public Facilities, Public Improvements

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Federal regulations specify that all projects and programs funded with CDBG funds must be both "Eligible" for funding and meet one of three "National Objectives."

Examples of Eligible Activities:

  • Public Facilities, including but not limited to acquisition for, design, construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation of:
    • Community/Neighborhood Centers
    • Senior Centers
    • Child Day Care Facilities
    • Centers for the Handicapped
    • Parks/Recreation Facilities
    • Branch Fire Stations
    • Branch Libraries
    • Shelters and Rehab Centers for Specific Groups
    • Health Facilities
  • Public Improvements
    • Domestic Water System Improvements
    • Fire Prevention Improvements
    • Sewer System Improvements
    • Drainage Facilities
    • Removal of Architectural Barriers
    • Street Improvements
    • Improvements to Public and Private Utilities
    • Demolishing of Substandard Structures
  • Public Services (only as approved by the Board of Supervisors)
  • Housing Programs
  • Economic Development

For further information, contact the Planning and Natural Resources Department at (661) 862-5050